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Umbrella Cockatoos


The descriptions give you their average size, weight and talking abilities (see Congo Greys, Moluccan Cockatoos, Sun Conures, Caiques, Red-bellied Parrots, Green-winged Macaw and Blue and Gold Macaws).  The figures denote averages in all of these species, they are provided to you as a reference point.  




Size: 17.5 in. (44 cm.)
Weight Range: 404-602 grams
Life Expectancy: 50  years or more
Talking Ability: Good
Minimum Cage Size: Bar Spacing:  30"x24"x30"
3/4" to 1"
Natural Diet: Seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, buds, flowers, insects, & larvae.
Captive Diet: Fruits,  pellets, veggies, seeds, nuts, pasta, and grains. 
Dietary Needs: Cockatoos have a tendency to be obese. Therefore, high fat foods like peanuts and seeds should be fed sparingly.   


Umbrella Cockatoo (Cacatua alba)


Cockatoos are native to Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands.  These beautiful birds are mostly white with the underside of the tail yellow. These birds are have been referred to as "Velcro birds" because they love to be stuck on you.  They crave a lot of attention and will greet you verbally when you come through the door. 


Most species are considered threatened or endangered.  BirdLife International has listed this beautiful bird as VU or Vulnerable this means they one of 680 species on the Red List that are on very high risk of extinction. Projects to protect these birds have resulted in a ban on importation for pet purposes in the U.S.  High quality companion birds are available from breeders such as WingSpan Aviaries in order to propagate the species.  The Umbrella Cockatoos are in high demand because they are such good, quality companion birds.  




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