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The introductory characteristic descriptions below (most of whom have the ability to talk), give you an overview & additional links within the website to each of the species that we have here at WingSpan Aviaries.








Umbrella Cockatoos - The Umbrellas are very clever, charismatic, irresistible, sensitive & at times, somewhat independent.  They have been known to be called the 'Velcro Bird' because they love to be stuck on you all of the time.  See more detailed information on Umbrella Cockatoos.


Green-winged Macaws - The Green-winged Macaws are the largest of the macaws second to the Hyacinths.  Read more about the Greenwings.


African Greys - The Grey is highly intelligent, sensitive, somewhat shy, anxious & reserved.  Their eyes will follow your every move, their speech is excellent & will learn to call you by your name in a short period of time.  Read more about African-Congo Greys.


Moluccan Cockatoos - The Moluccan is exceptionally intelligent, affectionate, very sensitive & demanding.  It is one of the larger & most beautiful of the cockatoo species.  They can be very playful & loving to the home that gives a lot of affection & time in return.  See more detailed information on Moluccan Cockatoo.


Plumheads - They have a piercing eye with a yellow ring which dilates when excited, much like a pinwheel. The most striking thing about this parrot is its head. Being part of the Ringneck family, these birds have rings, which are black & emerald green, around the neck. From the neck up to the lower mandible it's black. The emerald part of the ring is on the body side of the neck, the rest of the head is a deep maroon or plum color,  on the head side of the black ring is deep violet which blends in with the plum.  They're very affectionate, & quiet little birds.  See more information on Plumheads.


Red-Bellied Parrots - Most of them are quiet birds, but loveable & will take to just about anyone-they're a good family bird, as well as being a smaller bird & somewhat rare like the Plumheads. They love to climb and swing on their toys as well. See more information on Red-Bellied Parrots.


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