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The photos and descriptions below are referenced from the manufacturer's descriptions, if you have any further questions regarding any of the products, contact us!

Bird Carrier

Great acrylic bird carriers with manzanita perch and carry strap. Sizes available for small/medium/large birds (e.g. Conures, Greys, Cockatoos, and Macaws).

Kaytee Millet (12 ct.)

Golden branches of millet for your pet cockatiel (or parrot).

Lixit Water Bottles

Sizes 32oz., 16 oz., Safe & sanitary for your pet bird.

Nederlands Vita Seed (Parrot & Cockatiel)

Great blend of seed mix for you pet bird. (Not a sole source of diet for the birds).

Nekton S

Nekton S has 13 vitamins, 6 trace elements, & 18 amino acids, this supplement is important in regulating bird's body systems, blood & bone formation.

Nekton MSA

MSA helps prevent calcium, phosophorus, and Vitamin D, deficiencies. Builds strong bones an can prevent feather loss. Contains trace elements & Vitamin D3.

Cockatiel Villa Cage

Cockatiel cage comes in either black or white, (tripod & rolling stands sold separately)

Zupreem Parrot Pellets

Great fruit blend, nutritionally made for your parrot, and fun for them to eat!

Zupreem Cockatiel Pellets

Nutritional fruit blend of pellets for your cockatiel or small bird.

Parrot Cages

Cages come with 4 cups, perches, in green, black, or white (dometop or playtop) other colors available upon special order.


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