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WSA uses PayPal (eBay Company) a secure Website for transactions.  You may either use the Shopping Cart below or pay via credit card for your bird supplies.  If you'd like to place a deposit on baby parrots, use PayPal or contact us to send by US Postal Service. 

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Lixit Water Bottle - Medium


Lixit Water Bottle - Large


Bird Carriers - Acrylic/See-thru


Dander Down Spray

$ 5

Nederland's Parrot Seed - 5lbs.

$ 6

Nederland's Cockatiel Seed - 5lbs.

$ 5

Kaytee Millet


Nekton S Vitamins (Multi/Amino Acids)


Nekton MSA (Calcium/D/Minerals)


Zupreem Parrot Pellets - 3lbs.

$ 9

Zupreem Cockatiel Pellets - 2.5lbs.

$ 8

Note:  We also have bird cages (Cockatiel/Conure/Macaw sizes).  As well as Manzanita  hardwood perches (shown at right).  We also carry Roudybush food!  Please contact us -- serious inquiries only please.  Taxes are included, shipping charges will be added (if shipping is required).


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