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The people who have acquired pet parrots from us have written to us almost every week to tell us how much fun their family is having with their new baby bird, and how much they love enjoy their newfound pet.  Here is what some have have to say about their new babies...

Thank you.  Your hatching & raising of our baby umbrella cockatoo we named Carly has been a wonderful addition to our lives.  Having already an African Grey and owned previously a cockatoo we knew just what we wanted.  Carly, named after Carly Simon from our native Massachusetts, is a very sweet girl. Seeing your love in this bird is easy.  She responded to your flight command training and potty training and as a result is a perfect pet.  The "cockatoo-ness" is still in this bird but very controlled & amusing, especially to our completely unaffected African Grey.   The cleanliness and unexpected control over chaos in your business/home is unparallel in our lifetime of bird loving.   The DNA and other details regarding our "child" that you supplied all added to this great business transaction that is of course a lifetime commitment. Carly is so healthy & happy & a little nuts, friendly, athletic and all the things a cockatoo should be without a negative emphasis on the things some cockatoos can be. i.e. LOUD she is not.  She's already showing speaking signs & is such a sweet girl.  Thank you so much for inputting your love & care into this  animal for us.                 ---Scott & Mary Ann Glaser


I had looked & talked to everyone that I knew had birds for sale. It's always the same thing, some people wanted to ship me a bird, some wanted a very out of this world price & most do not even care if the bird is O.K. once it leaves their property. Then one day just looking for info. I came across the nicest website. They told you how the babies were coming along pictures & ages. They were treated as individuals. And to my amazement -LOVED.  I just had to have one.  I did not care what sex or anything.  But I do have to admit I was a little afraid.  Even with all the info. I had.  They are just like baby children. But after Emailing & talking to them, I knew that they were not just going to sell a bird. They were letting you adopt a life that they loved too.  I am disabled, but they were determined to see that I got my bird.  After buying this bird I was so happy that I did not even ask if it was a boy or girl until I started trying to find a name for it.  We Emailed almost every day from the time I bought it . They don't mind all the stupid questions, or the important ones. I learned so very much from them, that buy the time they brought me the bird (Echo) that I felt safe with caring for her.  They also make sure & tell you everything you will need & what size cages.  I still to this day E-mail them to let them know how & what she is doing. They are such loving people, that they want to know how the babies are, and what they are learning.  And if you ever need them they are their for you & your bird. I have never met anyone like them. God only puts that kind of love for us on this earth once in a while.   Thank God for them!                                        - Carol and Terry Gilbert, VA

My husband and I had been looking for a Congo African Grey for quite sometime. We found Wingspan Aviaries online & contacted them. We were VERY delighted after talking with them. They are extremely knowledgeable. They care for their birds and do everything possible to ensure they are taken great care of and go to good homes. I have been greatly satisfied with their "after purchase" services. They have been reliable & helpful with any & all questions we have had. They also are there with quality products and food that our WONDERFUL new Grey needs.  As far as our new baby Gizmo (the grey),  he is extremely smart (he started talking at 4 months of age) and he was raised with great love and attention, therefore, he was well tamed and a sweet little thing at that!!! They are great people with a big hearts & their wonderful birds are living proof of that!    Sincerely,                                            - Kathy & Chris Arrington, NC


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