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We guarantee our birds against Avian Disease & Genetic Defects based upon results of a Lab Histopath report within seven (7) days after purchase. We are not responsible for Veterinarian or Lab Charges.  No other guarantees are given or implied.  Any purchase will imply acceptance of policies.  WingSpan Aviaries warrants that at the time of purchase, the bird (s) are in good health.



The buyer is encouraged to have the bird (s) examined by an AVIAN veterinarian of his/her choice within seven (7) business days of purchase. If the bird (s) are found to have a condition that affects their health or well-being as documented by the examining veterinarian, WingSpan Aviaries, agrees at its discretion, to either a.) refund to the buyer the purchase price or b.) replace said bird (s) with bird s) of the same species, sex (if known) and age or bird (s) of equal value if so agreed by buyer.



  • All babies are backed with our written Guarantee.  

  • This guarantee is void if leg band(s) have been removed.  In the event buyer fails to have the bird(s) examined by a veterinarian within stated 7-day period after delivery, then buyer understands and agrees that the sale is of "as is".

  • The above guarantee applies to weaned birds only. 



Key Benefits


  • Our guarantee ensures both parties are happy with the new baby bird.

  • Avian Veterinarian validates the health, in writing, of your new baby bird.

  • We also include a brief summaries within the starter kit of do's and don'ts for the health and long term life span of your new baby parrot.



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