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About CBWW


Yes, WSA and CyberBird WebWorks are one in the same!  Although we run a great aviary with great birds.  Our birds take a nap now and then, and this is when the CyberBird works magic on websites.

The web design portfolio has consisted of a Fortune 250 company (non-E-commerce), a sports facility (E-commerce), the WSA Website, and others such as www.babybirdies.com and                          www.k-rodskennels.com , and www.nourishingsolutions.com (non-Ecommerce); as well as several other "in the works".

We offer a full appreciation of clients' business and presentation needs through close personal working relationships.  Experience of graphic design, brand image and presentation awareness with attention to detail to generate persuasive, esthetically pleasing, clear material.  All phases (copy writing/editing, design & layout and production) for print or electronic publishing are provided.

We are a Registered Web Presence Developer for Microsoft FrontPage     

Write us for information and flat fee-based website.  You'll be out on the Worldwide Web in no time flat!


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