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The first addition to the family in 1980 was an abused and very neglected Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo.  This has been and still is our all time favorite - the cockatoo.  Over the past couple of decades, we've taken in unwanted, abused and neglected cockatoos and have turned them around to loveable pets.  They are much like 'perpetual' toddlers -- they must be watched when they're out playing, on a regular schedule, fed the proper diet and mostly loved and nurtured.  It is a very demanding, pleasurable and educating experience owning and raising these birds.  They've consistently put a smile on visitors faces as well as ours.  For the cockatoo enthusiast they are a highlight and their sheer beauty above all is their joie de vivre when they are out playing.


Another motivational factor in caring and taking in the cockatoos was the research in terms of their near extinction as the numbers have greatly fallen in the past couple of decades.  The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which was designed to protect birds such as these failed dismally in respect of the cockatoo.  However, efforts are underway to domestically propagate some of the species before they become extinct.


Most of our breeder birds were acquired from JimSara Aviaries who have been known and respected throughout the avian community for their avian knowledge, experience and overall love for their birds.  Since then, they have been my dear friends and avian mentors in the care of the breeder parents.  


The Greys, and Macaws are exceptional birds in their mannerisms, behaviors and speech.  The Greys have been subject of intelligence studies in animals and viewed as highly responsive and interactive.  The Macaws are docile and very affectionate birds.  Their stature and colors are something to behold.




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