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Web Rings

Web Rings are online communities designed with specific areas of interest.  They typically are 'live' or 'interactive' forums to discuss mutual interests and gain insight, share information and have fun with others who share your interests. These Web Rings are some of the communities that we like to participate in ... enjoy!


The following links may provide you with additional insight as you decide on which parrot is right for you as well as information on cages, living habitats, feeding habits, and many other helpful ideas for your new baby parrot. In addition, there is great research available to help you learn about these great birds who may outlive your lifespan


Bird Talk Magazine - The on-line version of the best pet bird magazine.


Birds N' Ways - Winged Wisdom E-zine, information on health, training and tips.



PepperTalk.org - Pepper is a juvenile African Grey with a job. Not only is he a beloved pet, he's also a   therapy bird for a young boy, Tim, who is autistic.


Pet Bird Report - A unique magazine by a parrot behavioral consultant, dedicated to providing bird owners with information to have and/or raise pet parrots. 


American Federation of Aviculture - We are members of the AFA, a federation comprised of over 200 affiliated bird organizations representing over 50,000 aviculturists.   AFA is dedicated to the promotion of aviculture and conservation of Avian Wildlife through encouragement of captive breeding programs, scientific research and education of the general public and U.S. legislators.


The Parrot Pages -  Home for Avian Information, they have searched the web so you don't have to with over 2400 links.


 Raleigh-Durham Caged Bird Society - We are members of this local organization comprised of over 100 families/individuals including owners, breeders, pet store owners, and some of the nation's finest avian veterinarians.


SPBE -  We are members ofThe Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors helps to promote show birds and competition nationwide for Parrots.


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